Why is it important to support the person you support or care for in making their own choices and not influencing the decision process with your own views? (2023)

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Why is it wrong to impose your own views onto a person you support or care for how can this impact on their care?

How your own Personal Views can Restrict the Individual's Ability to Actively Participate in their Care. When working in health or social care you need to be positive, open minded and show respect for other people's attitudes and beliefs, especially when they differ from your own.

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How can you help a patient make informed decisions about their care?

How you can help individuals to make an informed choice (Question 7.3a)
  1. You can explain information.
  2. Find people who can share their experiences or ask for help of specialist workers.
  3. Support them to involve other people they trust like friends or relatives.

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What social or other factors do you think might influence how well a person is able to make informed decisions?

Significant factors include past experiences, a variety of cognitive biases, an escalation of commitment and sunk outcomes, individual differences, including age and socioeconomic status, and a belief in personal relevance. These things all impact the decision making process and the decisions made.

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What factors influence people's choices in regards to risk?

In a review conducted by Kusev et al. (2017) based on the results of previous studies, the authors conclude that a number of factors, such as socio-economic, cognitive, biological and psychological factors, may affect people's decision-making under risk.

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Why is it important to support an individual?

Supporting an individual by involving them in choices promotes independence, empowering them to feel in control of their situation and helps develop self-confidence and self-esteem.

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Why is it important to involve individuals in their own care?

By involving people in decisions about their health and care we will improve health and wellbeing, improve the quality of care and ensure people make informed use of available healthcare resources. Involving people in their own health and care not only adds value to people's lives, it creates value for the taxpayer.

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How do you support residents to make decisions and their own choices?

Giving the person relevant information

to make the decision. Keep the information only to what is needed. Describe any foreseeable risks and benefits in practical terms. If there are options, give the information about the choices in a clear and balanced way.

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How do you support people to make their own decisions about their day to day care and support?

Supporting someone to make decisions themselves

provide all the relevant information they need. avoid overwhelming them with information. present all the options to them. explain the information in a way that's easy for them to understand, for example by using simple language or visual examples.

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Why is it important to work in a way that promotes choice when supporting an individual?

3. Why is it important to work in a way that promotes this when supporting an individual? Providing person-centred care or support that is specific to the individual's needs, wishes and preferences will ensure that the individual is always at the centre of their care.

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How do you support someone who does not have capacity?

It says you should: encourage participation – do whatever's possible to permit or encourage the person to take part. identify all relevant circumstances – try to identify the things the individual lacking capacity would take into account if they were making the decision themselves.

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How do you support someone's decision?

All right, phrase number one today, for how to express your support for someone is I'm with you on this. This one is perfect to express your support of someone's opinion or a decision, particularly if it's an unpopular or difficult one, it can also be used to say, I agree with you, or I believe in you.

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What are the most important factors that influence individual?

What factors can affect behaviour?
  • physical factors - age, health, illness, pain, influence of a substance or medication.
  • personal and emotional factors - personality, beliefs, expectations, emotions, mental health.
  • life experiences - family, culture, friends, life events.
  • what the person needs and wants.

Why is it important to support the person you support or care for in making their own choices and not influencing the decision process with your own views? (2023)
Why is it important that you support the person to make choices and prevent them from taking harmful risks?

Individuals should be given the support they need to take the risks they want and to make informed choices. This supports their development and promotes a sense of achievement and self-esteem.

When might you need to support an individual to question or challenge decisions made about them by others?

A person's liberty may have been unlawfully restricted. Someone's family member may have put pressure on the person or a service to make a decision which the person does not agree with. A professional may have put pressure on the person or used their power to oppress the person.

Why is it important to provide individuals with information to enable them to have choice about the way they are cared for and supported?

To promote the dignity of all individuals they should be fully involved in any decision that affects their care, including personal decisions (such as what to eat, what to wear and what time to go to bed), and wider decisions about their care or support. Choices can only be made if people have information.

Why is it important to support individuals to maintain their self-esteem?

All these aspects of wellbeing make up who we are, or our identity. Everyone has different feelings, attitudes and goals. Each one of these aspects influences your self esteem and feelings of self-worth. In order to promote the individual's wellbeing they need to be happy with as many aspects of their life as possible.

Why is it important to support individuals identity and self-esteem?

Having a positive sense of identity helps you to: have good self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-worth. feel good about who you are – have self-esteem. know you belong and feel included in a social group.

What are the benefits of giving support?

Giving to those less fortunate than yourself can have long-lasting physical and psychological benefits. Lower blood pressure. Lower stress levels. Less anxiety and depression.

Why is it important to promote choice and control?

Choice and Control is a new way of thinking about how you arrange your care and support. It is designed to help you to receive services in a way that suits you and your family, and offers you more control over the way your services are delivered. This is also known as self-directed support.

How do you empower someone to make their own choices?

Here are five ways.
  1. Work Toward a Common Goal, But Not a Singular Path. Employees will feel empowered from the start of any project when you make the decision-making process collaborative. ...
  2. Create a Strengths-Based Culture. ...
  3. Reinforce Positive Behavior. ...
  4. Open the Lines of Communication. ...
  5. Be an Encouraging Mentor.
16 Apr 2019

Why should patients be involved in decision making?

Patients who participate in their decisions report higher levels of satisfaction with their care; have increased knowledge about conditions, tests, and treatment; have more realistic expectations about benefits and harms; are more likely to adhere to screening, diagnostic, or treatment plans; have reduced decisional ...

What is the main purpose of day care?

To provide quality care and comfort in a safe friendly environment. To offer an early learning programme through the intervention of planned play activities that allow children to grow and enable them to reach their full potential. To protect and encourage children and focus on positive behaviour.

How can you enable an individual to maintain positive relationships with their family and friends?

Support the individual and their family members to spend time together in a way that benefits them and be aware of activities that an individual enjoys doing with their family members. Create and maintain opportunities for them to continue, and make sure that your support doesn't get in the way of these activities.

What is the purpose of a day care?

High-quality child care keeps children safe and healthy. In addition, it helps children develop skills they will need for success in school and in their lives outside of school: Social, emotional and communication skills. Pre-literacy and basic mathematical skills and concepts.

Why is it important to work with a person Centred approach when supporting a person with dementia?

Person-centred care helps to ensure people with dementia can take part in the things they enjoy. It can be an effective way of preventing and managing behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia.

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